Phuthanang Youth Trust is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) formed in 2004, aimed at living up to its name which simply depicts a collective effort to helping each other. Since its inception the organisation has injected enthusiasm to a number of entrepreneurs, intellectuals and professionals who originate from Jabavu to give back to the community by uplifting and empowering the community generally but particularly the youth of Jabavu.

Unlike other organisations that exist in Soweto currently, Phuthanang Youth Trust associates its-self with all the structures that are dedicated to work for the community in the specified area to make an even bigger impact. There are a number of structures which have already been identified in the region of Jabavu that are dedicated to serve the community. It is Phuthanang Youth Trust’s responsibility to ensure that the short comings of all the organisations are understood and attended to and that the identified structures are effective in their specified criteria.

There is a high level of Socio-Economic challenges in Jabavu and Soweto as a whole hence Phuthanang Youth Trust saw it fit to initiate a number of programs to combat these challenges using entrepreneurship, skills development and education. Not only does Phuthanang Youth Trust empowers the community and other organisations around Jabavu but it is also involved in the initiatives concerning environmental, crime and health related issues.